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    Hi, my name is Georgi Mirazchiyski and you have just landed my website's homepage. Maybe you will fancy having a look at my projects and getting to know a bit about me since you are here.

Personal projects & University work

About Me

Georgi Milenov Mirazchiyski

Georgi Milenov Mirazchiyski

Hi, seeing as you may or may not have reached this page by your own intent I'm probably obliged to tell you a bit more about myself. My name is Georgi Milenov Mirazchiyski and I am born in Pleven - a city in the north of Bulgaria, Europe.

I've started programming since the first year in high school, learning the fundamentals of computer programming and several languages. But more importantly, I have learned to passionately love everything I am doing in that area. Also, my interest in gaming since a little kid(spending entire days on my Nintendo NES) sent me to a new dimension filled with various graphics, physics and AI problems to solve with technologies constantly building up.

Thanks to my ambitions I ended up studying game programming more in depth at university, and thoroughly enjoying it. Currently, I am a 3rd year student in BSc(Hons) Games Development at Edinburgh Napier University.
At university, I am learning about computer programming in general - from high to low level languages, object orientation, data structures and algorithms, software engineering principles and design patterns and much more. But I am most passionate about games, engine and graphics programming as well as concurrency and multi-threaded programming in C++ and I have great willingness to learn as much as possible towards that direction!

Specialties & Interests

  • Software engineering
  • Games development
  • Computer graphics
  • Multi-threaded programming
  • Desktop applications
  • Web development
  • Systems development
  • Databases (sql & no-sql)
  • Interested in GPU parallelism
  • Interested in mobile development
  • Interested in consoles & VR development

Programming / Scripting languages

C - 80%
C++ - 95%
C# - 80%
PHP - 80%
Python - 60%
SQL - 70%
JavaScript - 70%
JQuery - 80%
Node.js - 75%
React.js - 60%
ASP.NET - 60%
WPF - 80%
HTML/CSS - 95%
Shell/Bash - 50%
OpenCL - 40%
OpenGL - 70%

Curriculum Vitae - Résumé

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

Programming Demonstrator @ Edinburgh Napier University  / January 2018 – Present /
Demonstrator for the module: Programming for the Interactive Media.
Giving 2-hour long Programming surgeries as a Programming Demonstrator.

Developer Intern @ Camplight  / June 2016 – July 2016 /
Misc: This was a short but very work-intensive 6 weeks internship.
Duties: Developed REST/JSON-Pure APIs and SPAs for a company’s inside project.
The Back-End Stack I used: Javascript / Node.js / node-organic (proprietary framework with express.js core) / MongoDB / Mongoose.

Web Developer @ MyMall Ltd.  / July 2013 – September 2013 /
Duties: The purpose of my work was programming and improving the e-commerce system by adding new features and updating existing ones. At certain times I was asked to do side projects for partner companies.
The back-end stack used in the company was PHP with a proprietary framework and Javascript/JQuery(for async JS) & XML.

Software Developer Intern @ BusinessSoft Ltd.  / April 2012 – September 2012 /
Misc: The manager of Rimsoft Ltd.(subsidiary of BusinesSoft Ltd.) liked my project at the final of the National IT Olympiad – ‘Web system for Restaurant management’ and was really excited about it and offered me a position as a programmer on a student basis which ended as an internship.
Duties: A part of my job was to continue work on the ‘Web system for Restaurant management’that became a proprietary of the company. But I have also worked on other projects using C# with WinForms, ASP.NET, Javascript and PHP.

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

List of some of my Personal projects!

Open-source project

Title: VAPE 3D (on-going)
Role: Graphics/Engine programmer
Languages: C++
Framework: OpenGL API, Direct3D SDK, SDL2, SFML, GLFW,
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2015
Misc: Vape 3D(or Vape Engine) is an on-going project that I’ve added here with one thing in mind which is to catch your interest and earn a potential community member to this totally free cross-platform modern 3D game engine.

Follow on: Github

Global Game Jam 2017

Title: Scaraba|DAB|ber
Role: Gameplay/AI programmer
Languages: C#
Framework: Unity3D
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2015
Misc: Scarabadabber is physics-based action game made of fun story about a DJ, who is bound to a dimension where any kind of music is forbidden by law. His name is Skarabadab. He wakes up imprisioned with one simple goal in his mind which is to escape the prison and a run massive disco party so he can show the people that they need to fight for their stolen right(s) and do what they love to do.

Download: ChuckNorrisRD_PCBuild.zip
More on the: Game page

Pre – Mini LudumDare 69

Title: Pixels 2D
Role: Graphics/Engine programmer
Languages: C++
Framework: OpenGL API, SDL2 lib
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2015
Misc: This project is а tiny 2D game engine I have developed to supplement my game creation for the popular LudumDare’s Game Jam.

More on the: Engine page
Follow on: Github

Mini LudumDare 69

Title: Chuck Norris’ Retirement Day
Role: Gameplay/AI programmer
Languages: C++
Framework: Pixels 2D
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2015
Misc: Chuck Norris’ Retirement is a game that I’ve developed for the 69th mini-LudumDare competition in 2 and a half weeks (out of 3 given).
I have mainly focused on the engine development and graphics programming for these 2 weeks. Gameplay mechanics and AI took about 5 days after the graphics rendering was completed and of course I felt a bit more confident with OpenGL.

Download: ChuckNorrisRD_PCBuild.zip
More on the: Game page

Global Game Jam 2016

Title: Rosette of Pliska
Role: Gameplay/AI programmer
Languages: C#
Framework: Unity3D
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2013
Misc: Rosette of Pliska is a game project developed by a team of 4 during the Global Game Jam 2016 in 48 hours.
I was involved in the whole process of development, mainly focusing on gameplay mechanics programming. Initially I implemented the camera behaviour and then programmed the turn-based game logic building separate components in a OOP composition manner instead of inheritance since the Unity engine handles single tasked components better in its nature.

Download: RosseteOfPliska_PCBuild.zip
More on the: Game page

StartUp Weekend Sofia 2015

Title: 5 Centuries
Role: Lead Programmer, Game Design, Producer
Languages: C#
Framework: Unity3D
Tool(s): Visual Studio 2013
Misc: 5 Centuries is a (start-up) game project developed by a team of 5 during the Sofia Startup Weekend 2015.
As a part of the project development I was a main programmer and also contributed to the game design as well project presentation and marketing at the end of the competition. My core involvement was on the gameplay mechanics, character behaviour and animations programming. I have also used Kinect 2.0 (Windows SDK) for animations. We placed 3rd from around 12-15 teams which doesn’t sound bad at all. And due to our usage of the Kinect, we also won the only special award by Microsoft for the most MS Technology used during the development.

Download: 5Centuries_PCBuild.zip
More on the: Facebook page or F6S

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

University: Edinburgh Napier University
Degree: Bachelor’s Honours Degree
Course: Games Development (with computer science orientation)
Place: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Period: 2015 – 2019

School: Secondary School of Mathematics “Geo Milev”
Degree: Diploma of Completed Secondary Education
Specialization: Computer Science and Mathematics
Place: Pleven, Bulgaria
Period: 2010 – 2015

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

Honours and Awards

  • 3rd Prize + Microsoft Award, StartUp Weekend, Bulgaria, May 2015
  • Bronze Medal, X National Olympiad in Information Technology, Bulgaria, April 2012

Favourite Games
Super Mario Bros., Contra, Heroes of Might and Magic (III and IV), Warcraft 3, Starcraft: Brood War, World of Warcraft, Diablo 2, Divine Divinty + Beyond Divinity, Sacred, Counter Strike 1.6, League of Legends, FIFA.

Other: Competitive Heroes of Might and Magic IV player.

One doc. CV: LinkedIn / PDF

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