Georgi Mirazchiyski

Admiring the evolving of the C++ standard. Real-time rendering, Game engine architectures and Parallel programming enthusiast.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

A minimalistic graphics framework capable of PBS (UE4 metallic approach)
ASCII Checkers Game with levels of AI : DS & Algorithms coursework, C++14
A very simple C++17 implementation of a thread-pool
A Windows-like recycle bin program for Linux. Written in Bash (console, no-gui)
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Pixels2D is my first, experimental 2D game engine from developed scratch / C & C++11 and OpenGL /
Optimising sequential brute-force n-body calculation via various parallel techniques: C++ Threads, OpenMP and OpenCL SYCL
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parallelising a block-chain algorithm using multiple approaches (Pure Threads + Atomics,ThreadPool, OpenMP)
A 2D game developed for the miniLD69, using my own (Pixels2D) engine / C++11 and OpenGL /
2D turn-based role-playing game build from scratch using C++14, SFML and a lot of RedBull
A simple physics engine. C/C++11 , OpenGL / Capable of resolving collisions between rigid bodies and simulation particles and mass spring systems.
Refined version of the game I worked on for GGJ17

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.